Thunderspire Mountain

Adventure Log
Player Notes

I’ve joined a group of adventurers who recently dealt with a significant threat at a Keep guarding a portal to the Shadowfell. They lost several companions along the way which is why I was able to join. I look forward to proving my worth among these surface dwellers. Among them is an eladrin, he talks alot but so far does not seem wicked as I was raised to believe…

We met with a Baron (insert dudes name here) who was seeking the aid of worthy adventurers. He recruited our band to explore the dissappearance of 12 of his people from a local village not far from the city of Fall Crest promising a reward of 600 gp. Initial clues point to a band of hobgoblins referring to themselves as the Blood Reavers, this coincides with a letter my companions found at the keep.

We made our way without incident to the city of Fall Crest with a local merchant train. So far the surface dwellars have been tolerant of my presence which is reassuring. Once in Fall Crest we gathered information from the two Inns in town. Rumors solidified our suspicions about the Blood Reavers and we found they may be heading for an old Minotaur Keep called Thunderspire Mountain. The keep is apparently in the hands of an upstart Mage’s Guild. It is also rumored they have begun dealings with the denizons of the underdark. Talk of druegar involvement was mentioned, however I fear most the involvment of my kin.

We journeyed to the mountain and were awed by the presence of two towering statues of minotaurs at the entrance and the inscription claiming the might of the demonic minotaur god. We followed the path of lanterns and there broke up the attempted kidnapping of a local halfling inn keeper Rendell. Rendell in his gratitude allowed us to stay free of charge at his families inn in the 7 pillared hall. He was also able to direct us to the blood reavers hide out located in a place called the chamber of eyes. With the help of our good dwarven cleric we were able to follow the mine signs and locate the entrance to the chamber of eyes…




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